The Wooded Valley

  • Location: Bradstone Road (by the viaduct), Folkestone, Kent.
  • Commissioned by the Bradstone Association.
  • Dimensions: approx 8m high (to apex) x 8m wide.
  • Brief: To help brighten up a rundown area of Folkestone as part of the forward-thinking residents? association?s aims to improve and foster pride in their surroundings. It was also hoped to deter ?tagging? by using a lot of detail on the lower part of the wall.
    The design, chosen from several submitted, was a fantasy-coloured imagining of how the Pent Valley might have looked before urbanisation. The site, a large gable-end wall at the foot of Folkestone?s iconic Victorian viaduct required three levels of scaffolding, the services of a full time volunteer assistant (many thanks to Peter Philips) lots of refreshments ( thank you, Raili and David Taylor), some participation from the community and plenty of encouragement from passers-by. Comments included ?Wow, look at that, I love it? and ?Do you know what, wouldn?t it be nice to see this all over Folkestone ? fetching art to the people instead of leaving it in Art Galleries?.
  • It took 30 painting days to complete, when conditions allowed, September ? November 2012.

The Wooded Valley detail

3 Wooded Valley scaffolding up Aug 2012

4 wooded valley September 12 053

5 wooded valley

13 Sunflower House and Wooded Valley from viaduct steps Dec. 2014